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Dateline NBC ran a controversial, popular series of hidden camera stings across the country exposing and, eventually, facilitating the arrest of adult men who solicit sex with minors online. NBC paid an advocate group called Perverted Justice to set up "decoy" meetings with men who initiated sexual conversations with people posing as underage girls and boys. free online spiritual chat rooms

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The men would show up at a house filled with NBC cameras, host Chris Hansen, and, as the series progressed, decoy actresses and police waiting outside. Hansen would confront the man with the transcripts of chat conversations leading up to the meeting. Once the police began to collaborate with the Perverted Justice stings, the men would walk outside bowling green kentucky adult cyber chat to local milf chat immediately arrested.

The show, which was a huge ratings success for NBC, was subject to questioning and criticism which became only more intense after the November suicide of a Texas county DA Louis Conradt, Jr. Conradt was confronted by police officers while the Dateline crew waited outside his home, and he shot himself in front of the officers. The show received additional criticism for its collaboration with Perverted Justice, who were paid for their work with Dateline, for its collaboration with law enforcement officials, and for possibly exaggerating the threat of sexual predation online.

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A commonly repeated question of the series asked whether it was in the business of reporting the news or creating it. Chris Hansen: About being with a young girl? Elliott: A young girl, yes. We're in a new state, in a new part of the country -- southwestern Kentucky. What's not new is the men's reaction to meeting who they think is a young girl. Armstrong: I haven't had dating chat rooms online free kiss yet.

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Elliott: Gosh, you're pretty. Decoy: And then what? McPhetridge: And kiss you. That's why I was asking you to come up here. We're set up in this six-thousand square foot home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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We've outfitted the house with thirteen hidden cameras and seven are outside, capturing a potential predator as he drives into the development, up our street and into our driveway. Then five cameras inside pick up his a vladivostok chat and then move as he walks in the door. Mike: You're Chris Hansen.

Hansen: I am. Lubrano: Yup hands behind back. More than latinas chat room have been arrested. After 11 investigations in eight different states, a men have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty by a judge or jury.

Yet there are still men chat role play there willing to take the risk of getting caught. It seems no matter where in America we go, we find men apparently ready to molest young teens.

Men familiar with our reports show up anyway.

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It's a beautiful stretch of beach and a picture-perfect summer vacation spot for parents and children. But it's also for potential predators. Chris Hansen: I am. Pittsburgh chats who actually appears happy to meet me Chris Hansen: Thank you. Flagler Chat teen south burlington vermont it seems, is a town ready to take on potential sex predators.

“…undercovers can establish believability well before the chat commences through building their presence on various social media platforms and thoroughly understanding their online persona.”

Officer Kevin Pineda explains free sex chat phones grayling alaska kind of complaints his department has been hearing. But when they start making advances towards the young generation in our city, it causes concern.

It was just unbelievable. Over just two days, Pineda received messages from more than a hundred people, mostly older men and their intent was unmistakable. One guy sent an image of his penis, and his wife performing oral sex on him.

“interviewed officers emphasized the need to chat both regularly and outside normal working hours.”

The entire police force of Flagler, a town some 20 miles north of Daytona, is working parade duty. Female decoy on hidden camera : Come inside. Come in. Come on in.

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How are you? How was your drive? Mohamad Abdalla: Can I leave the door open? Decoy: You can leave the door open. Abdalla: How you doing? Decoy: Sit down. But he was really talking to a decoy for the online watchdog group Perverted-Justice, anonymous sex chat app group we hired because of its experience pretending to be teens online who are curious about sex. Blagg, an ex-Marine, works for a computer company in San Diego, and just drove miles to get here. Blagg had chatted on line with someone he thinks is a year-old— and he says he wants her to be his girlfriend.

But Blagg is really chatting with a decoy working for Perverted-Justice,an organization that exposes men who sexually target minors on-line. Sexy chat with real gualdo cattaneo women works bowling green kentucky adult cyber chat a consultant for Dateline—setting up computer profiles, chat with strangers girls pretending to be underage teens interested in sex.

Long Beach, Calif. I think that would hurt a lot. These men risk losing their jobs That is of course until they see me. Inside the house, members of the online watchdog group Perverted-Justice are in chat rooms posing as young teens. Dateline has paid the organization a consulting fee. The PJ members are pretending to be and year-olds who are interested in sex and whose parents are away.

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Dateline hired an year-old actress to play the part of the or year-old home alone X-"To Catch a Predator: Potential Predators in Petaluma" - Chris Free chat sex pierrefonds - NBC Dateline A new investigation, a new set-up in the backyardand more men caught on camera in a town already home to two high-profile predator cases Petaluma, Calif.

She keeps waving men into the garage The girl is an year-old actress hired by Dateline. Decoy: Where do you work? Gopi: I work in Apple.

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Decoy: Oh, so you sell fruit? Gopi: Sorry? Decoy: You sell fruit? Decoy: Oh, software, oh, like the computer.

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Laughter Gopi: Yep. She chats with the men making them feel more at ease and then I come out. Chris Hansen, Dateline Correspondent walks out : So you had quite the commute today, huh? Please sit down. Did you enjoy your drink?

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As in the past, men from all walks of life show up. One even arrives by big rig On Sept. This time among the suspected predators caught on tape are three military casual sex edison new jersey chat room — two served in Iraq.

Now they could be serving time in prison. Again, we want to warn you, some of what you'll read below is explicit. And the of men who continue to arrive at the door during each undercover operation is alarming—like our latest investigation the sixth onethis time in Harris county, Georgia.

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Meet year-old Reymundo Anguiano. He met her online just hours ago in an AOL chat room. To give you an idea why he might be here, take a look at what he said online. It's been more than two years now since we sex chat ogden sc began our series of reports investigating online sex predators.

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Five different states On Dateline Wednesday, investigation six.