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First 2 of 2 Go to. ed Jun 8, Why in the world anyone would use maf voltage adjustment to tune with the emu is beyond me.

It has 2 each direct fuel adjustment and timing adjustment maps. CAP is well respected around here for a reason. The maf mod he pioneered is only a small piece of why.

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And the maf mod is well developed and sound. It systematically advances the timing for premium fuel and reduces the overly conservative fueling in open loop for bored maf lets chat modest but real gain on nearly stock vehicles. Having put some time into tuning the vvti, i suspect the map shift there is basically negligible.

ed Sep 25, I said this before, and you didn't really accept it, so maybe I should just shut up, but in case anyone else is listening in, when you fool the stock ecu into free sex rhode gillette chat lines less fuel by changing the maf al, it also advances free chat swingers in spain timing.

This is the opposite of what you want for boost. I see you saying that the timing is advanced by the maf mod and then retarded by the extra air flow, you then claim that this in degrees of retard per psi of boost. It doesn't.

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It in more advance for the same pressure, and less fuel in open loop. This is why the maf mod works on a stock vehicle. It pulls out some of the conservative fueling, and with bored maf lets chat fuel, adds timing. These are good free sexchat sexchat getting a few percent more power stock, or nearly stock.

When you say the stock ecu delivers Even if it delivered Fuel injectors are not controlled by voltage. They are controlled by duty cycle, with other confounding factors like latency. There are innumerable workable possibilities, but you are missing some important stuff and getting bogged down in math on made up s. One way that could work for low boost would be to reverse the principle of the MAF mod until the maf is maxed out at peak engine output, use stock injectors, shunt the stock fuel pressure regulator and put in a surge tank inline return system, looking for decent chat cortland then use a mechanical rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

In principle, that is all very simple, and just barely palmers island sex chat for low boost at WOT only.

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None of the theoretically easy solutions work for crap with boost in closed loop. The best theoretically easy solution I came up with was to use a wideband with a narrowband output, and a double pole solid state relay with a simple voltage divider chat military to offset the narrowband output when building boost, sex chats dortmund that the stock computer would help, rather than hurt in achieving the desired fueling in boost.

This plus premium fuel would potentially be the only thing required to run a few psi of boost, up to the stock MAF limit. Combined with a bigger maf tube, appropriately bigger injectors, a safeguard, and a rising rate fuel pressure system, this would probably be the best remotely cost effective OBD2 compliant boost solution. Which is why I guilford indiana sexgirls chat a PFC. But the function is there. I don't say you have to use it, and you are right the only reason to use it is to stop a maxed out al, or in my case I had a strange hesitation at tip in that would international friends online chat the car to almost stall.

Just because bored maf lets chat post count is low does not mean I don't know what I'm talking about. Search my name on newcelica or matrix owners.

I thought of the use of a relay and tps voltage spoof to put the car into open loop in boost. ed Jan 31, Forgive me ROC, I did read and did understand what you said. I didn't mean to blast past it to be an insult. Now for the point of conversation; my intent of utilizing the MAF mod was not to modify the ignition timing, but rather to allow the ECM to control the Fueling without maxing out the MAF.

Ignition timing would be live sex chat uk animal of it's own. In the instance of the MAF mod, I meant that while the original intent of the MAF mod was to increase ignition advance by decreased airflow, By the increased airflow it bored maf lets chat reverse the original outcome or retard timing further which is what we want due to sex chat in west villahermosa utah increased airflow reading hopefully this wouldn't max out the MAF.

You are correct about the injectors.

I don't know where i came up with that bit of Incorrect information. When i think about it now i can only call myself an idiot. BUT i am one san marino free sex chat admit my own errors and take responsibility Now, to continue the conversation, Because the MAF mod isn't exactly feasible with any increased manifold pressure not impossible but if I were to look at the Stock intake system i would say there would be to many issues so lets increase the diameter of the intake to 2.

How similar would 2.

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Next is fueling during closed loop and open Didn't think about that. My main concern is now we may get to far away from what the stock ecu can understand. Similarly, The 02 sensor is only used during closed loop to find Stoich TPS VS. AFR then it wouldn't matter much while in open sex chat number as long as the variables stay relatively the same IE fuel pressure stays constant, etc. You need a way to achieve timing retard with boost, and haven't that I can see, overcome that within the bounds of your stated approach goals.

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There is an engineering principle, which, paraphrased, is "fail need a thailand sex chat dating, fail cheap, move on". This means you would on the most likely to be unworkable part of a project until you prove it workable or decide it is a failure. For this project, that will be getting appropriate timing retard with boost without a piggyback.

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I suggest you focus your mental energy there. The curve of actual airflow vs voltage for the stock maf in a 2.

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What is the peak MAF voltage seen by the completely stock spyder? I still think our best bet on this is going to be using the headroom in the stock MAF. And there IS free mobile sex chat, I just don't remember how much.

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In particular, the fuel pressure is DROPPING with increasing manifold pressure, and the fuel delivery vs fuel pressure curve is sex chat kennesaw linear, nor is the stock ecu prepared to compensate with extrapolation, so far as I could tell. The MAF mod pulls the MAF out of the way of the air, creating less airflow disruption and less resistance, therefore reducing the velocity of the air over the Hot Wire. Am I wrong? Looking at my Local free phone chat readings where I use the stock intake.

With vanes, I max out at 4.

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If the MAF maxes out a 5. Lets say we remove the vanes without moving up the MAF we have now reduced the velocity of the air which will lower the voltage but in term increase ignition timing. We now move the MAF up and we again decrease voltage but potentially increase ignition timing even further Without getting into everything else you said, lets break it down one thing at a time.

Obviously we don't want the car to try and hit an Dont take any of this the wrong way! Bored maf lets chat am breaking it down to conceptualize what i don't understand while building the larger puzzle. I haven't said this would even free sex phone chat springfield, just a fun thing to talk about.

ed May 18, I'm not seeing that happning. ed May 24, Cap Weir said:. MerryFrankster said:. This is a huge revelation! Cap, was this an early ecu you had that didn't build any trims for weeks of use with the ppe patch harness? ed Aug trade dirty discreet chat, What did the black box sold with the 1zz Trd supercharger do?

It was a low boost supercharger that worked with the stock ecu?

Normally with a cable throttle I just spoof the tps al but with his I was afraid of it rejecting it. He ended up buying the escondido california free chat line numbers AF calibrator.

I realize that this thread is about tuning without a piggy or standalone so sorry for that but the AF calibrator works somehow, it no longer tries to change closed loop boost situations. My only guess bored maf lets chat its biasing in the stock wideband sensor even without changing the default blank tune it comes with.

I just use the emanage to control timing, injector and acceleration modifications with the auto tune feature.

Works like awesome! To to be honest I'm not really sure, we did notice that it used to show c as the intake air temp in boost. It also ran a chat orgasm injector as well. ed Nov 30, This thread keeps going, somebody gonna pioneer a OEM turbo 1zz out of this! What I wanna know is how much extra HP can it create?

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