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Verb, transitive.

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Talk to someone in a friendly, informal way; schmooze. Google Ngram. Take Our Poll.

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Your definition is totally wrong — at least for the variety of British English I learned, growing up there in the 80s and 90s. Thanks for the clarification. Despite the Vanity Fair citation, I believe that widespread U. I chat up remember the first time I heard discreet adult chat term.

It was inand I was charged with editing an anglophile American chat rolling who had it completely wrong, I later concluded. I agree, the American use has been desexed. If a seduction was unsuccessful, this would have to be specified, i. He tried to chat her up, but she was having none of it.

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The 70 best chat up lines ever – the ultimate list

I agree that in the UK you would not usually use chatted up to refer to an attempt that failed. Chat up would normally be fine to say that John is over in the corner, chatting up Rebecca. You would ltr sexy chat with blanca only normally say that he is trying to chat up Rebecca unless you were trying to imply that you doubt he will be successful. I have heard chat up being used in the UK without sexual context.

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I would certainly primarily think of it as primarily being used to refer to heavy flirting free trial local chat lines the objective of some sort of sexual or romantic outcome, but it can also be used to refer to attempts to butter someone up in an attempt to achieve some other objective, such as finding out some information that is difficult to obtain. By chatting up the sales assistant Chat up managed to discover that new shoe stocks would arrive next Tuesday. There must be chat up element of deliberately trying to choose your words in order to make them like you and therefore do something you want them to nude chat room.

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I agree that hit on would normally be a good synonym for the common meaning of chat up in a sexual chat up. However, chat free chat line apps would only ever refer to the use of the spoken or I suppose written word. I may be wrong, but would hitting on someone also include other seduction techniques, such as touching them?

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