You can replace the batterypack without the use of any tools. Page 48 Telephone Service: Page 27 Internet Service: Ifyou need further assistance, contact your cable service provider. Page 43 Telephone Service:

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Install the Cable Modem, ContinuedInstalling the Modem for High-Speed Data ServiceThe following installation procedures explain how to set up and configure yourcable modem if you plan to use high-speed data service.

Webstar EPX Cable Modem with Embedded MTA | Modem

ServicingDo not open the cover of this equipment. Carefully but firmly webstar cable modem epx2203 the modem away from the battery pack.

TroubleshootingCommon Troubleshooting SuggestionsThe modem does not register a cable connection. OverviewIntroductionThis section provides procedures to assist you in placing, installing, configuring,operating, and troubleshooting your DPX or EPX Cable Modem fortelephone service. Check Your EquipmentEquipment ChecklistBefore you install your cable modem, check the items in the carton. You can connect two separate PCs to the webstar cable modem epx2203 modem at the same time byconnecting one to the Ethernet port and one to the USB port.

Page 23 Internet Service: Frequently Asked QuestionsIntroductionThis section provides answer to frequently asked questions about cable modemInternet service. Page 20 Internet Service: Using the Battery Pack OptionalContinued3.


The USB driver installation procedures aredifferent for each operating system. Page 40 Telephone Service: Install the Cable ModemIntroductionThe cable modem webstar cable modem epx2203 be used to provide websar service for one or two telephonelines. Themaximum number of telephone devices connected to each RJ port is limited bythe total Ringing Load of the telephone devices that are connected.

Page 28 Internet Service: For questions about cable modem internet service, see InternetService: Frequently Asked Questions, earlier in cbale guide. Functions of the Front Panel Lights, ContinuedNormal OperationsThe following chart illustrates the appearance wfbstar the front panel lights on the cablemodem during normal operations.

Using webstar cable modem epx2203 Battery Pack OptionalContinuedAdding a Battery PackYou may still be able to use a battery pack, even if one wasnot included with your modem.

Frequently Asked Questions, later in this guide. Rotate the foot on your modem counter-clockwiseto the third click. Webstar cable modem epx2203 of the Front Panel LightsInitial Power Up, Calibration, and RegistrationThe following chart illustrates the sequence of steps and the correspondingappearance of the front panel lights on the cable modem during power up,calibration, and registration on the network.

If you are using adifferent cable, your cable modem will not function properly. If you are unsure of the type of surgeprotector to use, contact your cable service provider. Page webstqr Functions of the Front Panel Lights, ContinuedSpecial ConditionsThe following chart describes the appearance of the front panel lights on the cablemodem during special conditions to show that you have been webstar cable modem epx2203 networkaccess.


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Page 30 Internet Service: Page 19 Internet Service: Leave sufficient clearance between the bottom of the cable modem, and anyflooring rpx2203 shelving underneath, to allow access to cabling.

Install the Cable Webstar cable modem epx2203, ContinuedInstallation DiagramThe following diagram illustrates one of the various connection options that areavailable to you.

This section describes how to connect a single telephone, fax machine, analogtelephone webtsar, or other telephone device to each telephone port on the cablemodem. Tell us about it. Page 42 Telephone Service: Do not disassemble it orattempt to recharge it outside the system.

Toensure the reliability of this equipment, do not obstruct the openings. For questions about cable modem telephone service, see TelephoneService: