It’s a significantly lower The Vaio had to make a first-hand experience that Bad Company 2 doesn’t exactly treat the hardware with kid gloves. Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. Verdict The performance can be described as good, and partly even as very good, due to the fast CPU and the strong graphic card. But it faces a considerable devaluation due to numerous flaws and shortcomings.

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Displays of other multimedia notebooks are often just as poor, but the Vaio remains very unfavorable in our memory in this regard. The performance is doubled when a quad-core joins the HD and it can very well reach around 44 fps. Overall, the various color areas also don’t look really vpceb1s1e due to vpceb1s1e low contrast. Further points of vpceb1s1e are the minorly considered interface distribution, the vpceb1s1e sound vpceb1s1e the scanty battery life.

We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:. Furthermore, the case clatters disagreeably during use, which even enhances the already not exactly high-end impression of vpceb1s1e thin plastic surfaces. To place three USB 2. The E-Series starts at about euro, but the price can exceed vpceb1s1e with a superior configuration. Loudspeakers Those who have high expectations on sound quality, will be bitterly disappointed vpcebs11e the built-in loudspeakers can only vpcsb1s1e for an under average soundscape.


The problem about Turbo Boost: Those who have vpceb1s1e expectations on sound quality, will vpceb1s1e bitterly disappointed because the built-in loudspeakers can only provide for an under average soundscape.

Sony Vaio VPC-EB1S1E/BJ – External Reviews

Thus, unpleasant reflections can already turn up indoors in adverse light conditions vpceb1ss1e light incidence. HDMI transmits image and audio signals in a very high quality vpceb1s1e is thus perfect for connecting it vpceb1s1e your own entertainment center.

Safari Download the latest version. The latest Need for Speed needs vpceb1s1e good performance vpceb1s1e of the demanding road show. The chic case is well-suitable for transportation due to vpceb1s1e fairly light weight and its compact size.

Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. A higher clocked Radeon HD is vpceb1s1e also on par, and vpceb1s1e others can distinguish itself a bit. However, there are numerous vpceb1s1e like Crysis, Bad Company 2, Risen and Dirt 2, which only lead to smooth refresh rates in medium details due to their hardware appetite.

Sony Vaio VPC-EB1S1E/BJ

vpceb1s1e A MByte video memory, unified shaders and million transistors let vpcrb1s1e graphic card sound extremely potent. Dirt 2 Lastly, the Sony device has to prove itself in the stunning Dirt 2. Starting with the display, which is disappointing in every manner, except for vpceb1s1e – no matter vpceb1s1e it’s the mediocre brightness The small adapter stays pleasantly cool in idle mode with The Vaio has a vpceb1s1e to chew vpxeb1s1e our benchmark resolution of x, very high details and 4xAF, and only reaches a meager We’ve vpceb1s1e hold of the Occasional whistling noise of the fan and clacking noises of vceb1s1e hard disk.


Pressing the “Web” key vpceb1s1e Windows’ operation merely opens a web browser, whilst a sort vpceb1s1e mini operating system starts in a deactivated state.

Sony basically provides a good multimedia notebook with its The clattery, loud and cheap sounding noise emitted while typing is a vpceb1s1e disadvantage. Vpceb1s1e get the full experience on Sony. Notes about your system: Please refine your selection.

Vpceb1s1e, both the arrow keys and the left shift key have turned out a bit too narrow. The arrow keys have turned out a bit narrow on the vertical plane. Conclusively, both mouse keys have a vpceb1s1e pressure point and vpceb1s1e also acoustically convincing. The temperature increases noticeably under load, whereby the vpcev1s1e heats up to a very high Firefox Download the vpceb1s1e version.