The mouse is a little dissapointing its not a synaptics pointer but more of a basic joystick and the keyboard will take a lot of work to get used to. I may still if glare reduction is not available. Like the Sony Vaio TR , which has an excellent tabbed design instead of sticking it to the screen which has all sorts of issues, you can also easily change out to privacy filters. The cursor joystick is probably the only thing I would highlight on the X70 as a let-down. Leave XP and start using Windows 7. I did finally get the Viliv update tool to download the Touch app update for 6Mb Kb a second, which is really really slow, Amiga modem slow. The menu button on the right can pop up the start menu, now for FN.

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And how much is this going to cost? The impressive UI technology includes on-screen keyboard with haptic feedback and the vilvi Cube UI overlay allows you to designate blocks of up to 36 programs per category and assign them to any of the available “bubbles”. The only open question is how big is the difference between 1. StreetDeck is annoying, the GPS is awkward to setup up i left the unit outside for 40 minutes!

viliv x70 ex | Dr Terrible’s House of Bloggable

Hopefully the screen protector will be available during launch. Is it the same proceedure to install as you have dissected the X70? There’s no need look up an ivliv on your computer and transfer it to your car’s GPS, because the Vilvi X70 EX is with you anywhere you go.


Any PSU that matches those specs will work, 9. I live x0 Spain, so using the US one is out of the question.

More details on the different specifications are available here. A great UI like this makes for an intuitive and satisfying experience. I do not ask for concurrent data and voice streaming, a simple switch from one to another would suffice! Take it to your friend’s house, or hotel room Haptic Keyboard With the X70 EX’s haptic feedback, you can actually “feel” a press of a key on the onscreen keyboard. Needs a restart to enable the disable.

Why did they not write this some days earlier. I backed mine up using Acronis True Image and wiped the recovery partition and turned it into a D: It’s strange to see a device like this without any form of video out.

Is this possible at all??? I thought your review was generally thorough and professional. Acer Aspire E11 ES1.

I have collected tested and assorted the full working range of driver for my unit. Oh, sorry, I forgot my other question….

Viliv X70 EX

Soft keyboard The back lighting on the buttons is a bit patchy or misaligned on some of the buttons, A is the worst. Do you by chance know the part number for the RAM chip s?


Power supply with US adapter can be switched out, but only has US one 9. Easily navigate through your music, videos, e-books or photos with the easy of a fingertip. Let me have your opinion emailed to my mail box.

These tabs lock on the front side, two of them. I just talk to the phone and speaked with Jeff, he told me there is a delay, they did not received Viliv X Here are the full specifications: Anyway, turns out it has the 3G connector in it….

TouchSide is the name of the app that handles it, looks like the same software that goes with the Xenarc touch screens. A small detail but could be easily fixed with a notch in the front display, or a slightly raised bump. Let’s take a closer look at a variety of ways the X70 can change the way you utilize mobile computing in daily life and work.

Of course, Viliv offers the diminutive stowaway portable Bluetooth keyboard if you prefer a physical keyboard Cube UI The unique Cube UI lets you add and remove programs for easy access at your fingertips.