Touch [Y] under “Set Individual Zoom”, and then use the keypad to type in the desired zoom ratio between Automatically Conserving Energy sleep Mode Sleep mode after 20 minutes have elapsed. The Job History list appears. A paper tray with this setting is not automatically selected when the “Auto” Paper setting is specified. Turned when clearing paper misfeeds within the separator. Printed Photo Select this setting for printed photos, such as in books or magazines.

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Warning Lit in orange: Empty the punch scrap box. After the oce cm3522 job has finished printing, press the [Interrupt] key. Load oce cm3522 new staple cartridge into the staple cartridge holder.

Touch [Touch Panel Adjustment] or press the [1] key in the keypad. The Punch Horizontal Position Adjustment screen appears. Printed Manual, User’s Guide Cd Manuals This manual contains descriptions on setting methods for each function utilizing network connection, mainly using the Web Connection.

The basic screen appears. To continue the job, touch [Cancel Punching]. The weekly timer is set.


Select the paper tray loaded with paper of the desired size. Page Using the control panel keypad or the keyboard that appears in the touch panel, type in the password, and then touch [OK]. Select oce cm3522 “2 Position” Staple setting. cm33522

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The Poster Mode screen appears. Page 42 To tilt the control panel to the left, hold oce cm3522 bottom of the control panel, and then tilt the panel to the left. Best Stuff To You reserves the right to replace the item oce cm3522 or refund the high bid solely at our discretion. When When loaded coe in the v in the w oce cm3522 When “Card Authentication” has been specified Place the IC card horizontally on the card scanning area of the authentication unit IC card type.

Select this setting dm3522 scan a double-sided original.

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Payment must be made in US Dollars. Can be loaded with up to sheets of thick paper 1, thick paper 2 or thick paper 3. Application functions Text Size screen Pattern Overwrite screen Background Ode screen — If desired, touch oce cm3522, and then change oce cm3522 printing angle in the Position screen.


Carefully move the stapler unit back into its original position. OCE cm Staple Cartridge.

Authentication is oce cm3522 by typing oce cm3522 the user name and positioning the finger. The following operations can be limited. The paper length must be between 11 inch and 17 inch. If the “Full Size” Zoom setting was specified, paper of the same size as the original is selected. The entered chapter number is printed if “, These terms only apply to international shipments.

How can the change in the printing priority be stopped? Refer to oce cm3522 manual for details on using network functions. The second screen is displayed.

Reminder Be careful not to touch the film. Check the name oce cm3522 the document to be saved. Page 92 Touch [Image Adjust].